by NAXS corp.
本次展出的全新作品「ID0」是一個沉浸式互動錄像裝置,以三段科幻敘事探索去中心身分及後網路社會的內核,同時想像一個新興的數位種群 — ID0的誕生。「ID0」場景以遊戲引擎為基底打造,觀眾可透過手機或電腦登入多人連線的3D網頁界面,操縱虛擬角色,與展場中的其他觀眾一同進入並探索錄像中的虛擬場景,作品形式模糊了錄像、電影與遊戲的界線。


NAXS corp.’s newest project , "ID0" is an immersive real-time interactive video installation, divided into 3 narratives to explore the decentralized identity of the post-internet society, and at the same time giving birth to the digital species - "ID0".

"ID0" is using game engine as the foundation, audiences are able to pick whether to use their own mobile phone or computer to enter the website,  thus will be assigned to a virtual character randomly to enter the virtual space and interact with other audiences. The form of the work blurs the boundaries between video, film and games.

Initial Complex is responsible for the installation production and the execution of the set.

活動:臺北數位藝術節 無邊庇護所
地點:西門紅樓展區 八角樓 二樓
照片提供:NAXS corp.

Event: Digital Art Festival Taipei - Borderless Shelter
Location: Ximen The Red House Octagon Building 2F, Taipei
Photo credit: NAXS corp.

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